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Your Advocate

We advocate for you at all times, looking out for your best interest when purchasing a new or existing franchise business. This includes discussing with you whether you have chosen a franchise system that meets your personal expectations as to how you envision operating a business. Have you chosen a franchise whose products or services you genuinely like and feel you will be able to sell and market? Can you handle the required hours, operating requirements and expense? It is necessary to take an introspective look as to how satisfied you will be operating under a required business format and system that may take substantial financial resources to establish and operate.

Our Role as Legal Counsel:

1. Explanation and Review of the FDD.

Our role as legal counsel is to assist your determination of whether the franchise company you have selected is "right for you" by reviewing, discussing with you and clarifying the meaning, terms and implications of the  Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) required by the Federal Trade Commission to be given to all prospective franchisees at least 14 calendar days before any documents are signed or payments made. This is critical, as many franchisees simply do not understand the duties owed under the terms of their franchise agreement, or the drastic implications  that may occur if you are in default of those obligations. Through this education process, you will better understand what is required of you and of your franchisor.

2. Amendment or Modification to Franchise Agreement

Many franchise systems, especially those that are new to franchising, may agree to make certain changes to their franchise agreement. When possible and necessary, we can help you negotiate these changes.

3. Creation of a Legal Business Entity

Generally, limited liability companies or subchapter s corporations are recommended as the legal entity to operate the franchise business. These and other options will be discussed, including preparation of buy-sell agreements (for corporations) or operating agreements (for LLC's).

4. Lease or Real Estate Purchase Agreements

Depending upon whether you are leasing space or purchasing a building/land for your franchise, lease or purchase agreements will be drafted and negotiated if requested.

"David has been a true partner during our journey as a new franchisor of waste disposal transportation franchises. His extensive experience within the industry has provided him with both a breadth and depth of knowledge, as well as a network of contacts that are all invaluable to us as his clients. His competency is rivaled only by the courtesy and timeliness with which he carries out his work."
Mike Ampe, VaVia Waste Management
"I was looking into joining a franchise, but I knew nothing about the process. I am very happy to say I contacted David L. Steinberg. His expertise and experience was very valuable in the entire process. I have only been a franchise owner for 2 weeks, and some of the issues that we talked about have already come up, and I am on the right side of the decision. He saved me money because of his experience, and I feel we made a very good deal thanks to his advice. I highly recommend David L. Steinberg to anybody considering entering a franchise agreement."
Tom Herrington, President, CarStar (Novi MI)
"Attorney David Steinberg has been a fantastic resource for my organization. Whether I've asked for his counsel on Franchisee Agreements or acquiring other restaurants he has always put my interests first. David has always responded quickly to my needs and has made himself available at any time. My organization will continue to use Attorney Steinberg for all of our legal needs in the years to come."
Bill Hall, President, M. Hall Enterprises d/b/a Tim Hortons
"The service provided by David Steinberg is nothing but professional and the response to our questions and requests have been and are provided in a timely manner.  He has helped expand our franchise business for the better and to make sure our franchise business is up to date with all the new franchising rules and regulations."
Bill Kiryakoza, Executive VP, Tubbys Sub Shops, Inc.
"Mr. Steinberg has been an advisor to me for the last 20+ years and we have developed multiple franchise systems together.  Over the last 10 years, with our franchise system, The Big Salad, David has not only provided strong legal and compliance advice and services but he has worked hard to assist in our brand’s success."
John Bornoty, President, The Big Salad
"As a former President of a franchise company, David has been a trusted franchise legal expert for over 10 years, leading the FDD Development of our retail start up and providing ongoing advice and counsel. One of his strongest skills is his sense of urgency when there are opportunities to grow the franchise network for the brands he is working with, applying his years of understanding of the franchisor/franchisee business model and relationships. Thanks David for all of the support over the years!"
Greg Danziger, Former Managing Member & President, Current Franchisor Development Consultant
"David Steinberg has helped me to effectively run our franchise system. He is always available to communicate and help with everything you need. In fact, he routinely hosts free events for  franchisors to help them to continue to grow and to network with each other. I would highly recommend David and their firm."
Richard Collins, President, Professional Karate Schools of America
"We met David 5 years ago when we needed help separating from an unethical franchisor. He made this process painless and swift. Since then, we have consulted with him on many business concepts to avoid any similar mistakes. We are asked frequently by people about franchising; we suggest that whether you are on your way in, out, or just considering starting your own, it would be foolish not to consult with David Steinberg first!"
David Gonzalez, Small Business Owner
"David Steinberg is a great choice if you need a franchise attorney. He consistently goes the extra mile and brings a legal analysis at all  times while still recognizing that when all is said and done, it is about people. Highly recommend."
Paul Lyons, President, Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise
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