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Whether you are franchising your own business concept, or yearn to own an independent franchise business where you are “the boss,” the franchise industry provides many opportunities for business ownership that affect all areas of life. The intent of this website is to not only provide you with basic information regarding franchising, but to help you consider various issues and factors so that you will make an informed investment decision.

Services Offered

  • Franchise Disclosure Document Review (FDD)
  • Advice regarding franchise selection
  • Creation of a franchise program drafting of the FDD and state registrations for new franchisors
  • Development of the proper business form/entity
  • Franchise Agreement/Lease Negotiation
  • Litigation/Arbitation

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Inside a Franchise Arbitration

Learn the procedures required to file a franchise arbitration as well as methods to make your arbitration successful.


Quick Franchising Info

  • You can buy franchises for less than $20,000
  • Subway has 38,000 stores in 92 countries
  • Federal law requires you to have an FDD at least 14 calendar days before you sign any agreement or pay any money
  • There are more than 1,500 franchise companies with over 320,000 locations
  • A franchise opens every 10 minutes
  • Franchise businesses account for 10% of all jobs

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